Study of ion channels and Ca2+ signaling by microscope-based ratiometric fluorometry in single living cells

Karolinska Institutet

Research center, Södersjukhuset

Teknik Medicin Natur

Ca2+ signaling is diverse and ubiquitous. Many ion channels, and signaling proteins participate in the generation and decoding of Ca2+ signals. In this project you will have opportunity to learn basic principles of the regulation of the electrical activities and generation of Ca2+ signals in the electrically excitable cells. We usually use insulin-secreting cells as our model. We use ratiometric fluorescent dye like fura-2 for measuring the cytoplasmic free Ca2+ concentration in the rat insulinoma cells. During the project, you will have access to the microfluorometry set up round the clock. You will have opportunity to be learn the details within a few weeks. You will also learn, and be responsible for culture and care of the cells. After initial supervision and training, we expect you to take responsibility and work independently. We shall define specific objectives, and project plan, for your project that can be accomplished during the period of your stay in the laboratory.      

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