Scale-up of microstructured Synthetic Paper, at KTH-based start-up (incl. salary)

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In short

You will develop the next version of the material Synthetic Paper in order for it to be tested by our customers. The thesis work will be performed at the start-up Mercene Labs and parts of the lab-work will be located at KTH. Mercene Labs pays a salary compensation for your work.



Synthetic Paper is a new porous material with well-defined micro geometries and surface chemistry, developed at KTH specifically for medical diagnostic applications. The material has shown very promising performance in initial tests - much better than today's cellulose-based materials that currently limit the diagnostic performance.

Mercene Labs intends to scale up production to a size-format that allows performance testing together with two international diagnostic companies. The first version for beta testing of the material is soon finished.



Your task will be to take the first version of the material to the next beta level. In order to do that, you will focus on one or two of the critical parameters demanded by our customers. Such parameters can be size, surface chemistry, geometry, liquid flow, or optimization of manufacturing parameters. Together with you we will decide which ones you focus on, taking your background into account.

In the case of a successful upgrade of the material, a diagnostic company will test your Synthetic Paper sheets.



You will have the opportunity to perform several of the following steps:

  • - Material design
  • - Manual and semi-manual manufacturing of Synthetic Paper
  • - Material characterization
  • - Optimization

During the process, you will use (and sometimes improve) techniques such as:

  • - Multi-angle UV-lithography
  • - Thiol-ene based polymerization
  • - Liquid flow testing
  • - Microscopic evaluation



We are looking for a candidate from Master of Science / “Civilingenjör” education. Ideally, you should have multi-disciplinary experiences and laboratory experience. Several of the Master of Science educations would be suitable, e.g. Micro/Nano engineering, Chemistry, Engineering Biology, or Applied Physics. You should be practical minded and hopefully have a steady hand, as some of the manual manufacturing steps currently in use will require some lab skills.


About Us

Mercene Labs is a KTH-based start-up, founded in 2012 from the dept. of Micro and Nanosystems. The company is developing and selling resins and polymer products based on its patented Ostemer technology. Mercene Labs customers ranges from the Flooring industry to R&D and MedTech. The Synthetic Paper is Mercene Labs most refined product so far.

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