Master thesis/Internship: Integration of a hybrid-plasmonic infrared nanobolometer

KTH Micro and Nanosystems

KTH Micro and Nanosystems, Stockholm


Optical sensors based on integrated silicon photonic waveguides are well suited for mass-production and have important applications in distributed gas and chemical sensing. However, the integration of light sources and detectors remains a challenge. To preserve the benefits of silicon photonics, detectors need to be small, have low-power consumption, and be easily integrable onto waveguides using standard MEMS fabrication. Single-nanowire bolometers fulfil these requirements. Moreover, their high speed enables low power operation and advanced modulation schemes. 
At KTH Micro and Nanosystems, we developed a fast uncooled infrared nanobolometer, featuring a hybrid-plasmonic cavity, that exhibits enhanced optical responsivity and is able to detect sub-mW optical signals up to MHz frequencies. 

The project 
The goal of the project is to integrate the nanobolometer with photonic waveguides and evaluate its performance. In this project you will: 
- Design one or more waveguide-integrated nanobolometer configurations 
- If necessary, carry out simulations to optimize the design 
- Participate in the fabrication of the photonic system 
- Characterize the system 

The project involves practical work in the Micro and Nanosystem laboratory (main campus) and possibly in other KTH laboratories located in AlbaNova and Kista. You will take part in microfabrication activities in cleanroom labs and you will handle optical and electrical instruments, such as lasers, photodetectors, cameras, oscilloscopes, multimeters, and amplifiers. 

Previous experience in research activity and with optical measurements is appreciated, but motivation, creativity, and ability to work independently are the qualities we value the most. 

Please note that we cannot offer financial compensation. However, in case your work brings a relevant contribution to a publication, you will be offered co-authorship. 

How to apply: 
Send an e-mail to including your CV, course results transcript, and a report written (in English) by you during your studies.

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