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1.  Background

Industrial emissions are one of the most important environmental challenges of the last decades. The emitted compounds, often VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or RSC (Reduced Sulfur Compounds), are very toxic, representing a severe hazard for humans and Environment. The current treating technologies still face several limitations, especially regarding the process efficiency and the emissions of fossil CO2. Advanced oxidation processes offers a very efficient alternative, greatly contributing to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


2.  Aim

Design, build and test a full-scale system for industrial installations, composed by various removal stages, including both filtration and oxidation.


3.  Project description

This project would comprise the following:

-  Literature survey

-  Process design

-  System construction

-  Field tests and results analysis

-  Thesis writing

You will be working closely with our R&D departments and on field installations.


4.  Personal profile

Candidate profile:

-  Chemical, mechanical or environmental engineering

-  Strong interest in design of industrial processes

-  Business-oriented mind

Expected scope: 20 weeks, 30 HP

Expected start: Spring 2016


5.  About the company

Ozonetech is an award-winning green-tech company that has offered premium products for air and water treatment through the use of ozone since 1993.

Our unique technology and extensive expertise has made us a rapidly growing global company with installations in six continents. All development and manufacturing is located in Sweden. In addition, we have in-house specialists for consultation, planning, installation and service.

As a “Center of Excellence” within air and water treatment, we also collaborate in international efforts to develop global standards for purification solutions.

At Ozonetech, we have a strong incentive to reduce energy waste, health risks and the impact on the environment. Our current solutions provide a multitude of benefits in the processing and food industry, real estate, commercial kitchens as well as in the retail market.

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