Enhanced Occlusion using ARKit/ARCore


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About Advrty

Advrty is developing a revolutionary brand advertising platform for Virtual and Mixed Realities. Our unique method to define, deliver, experience and measure ads in these new realities has the potential to globally disrupt traditional media ad spend and will play a crucial part in the monetization of games and apps in these new digital experiences.

At Advrty you get an opportunity to work in a startup environment with an experienced team focused on the technologies and digital behaviors of tomorrow. Doing a master thesis together with us is possible both at our office and remotely. We are located at Embassy, a VR-focused business hub in the very heart of Stockholm city. Projects requiring specific hardware are suitable for students with opportunity to join us at the office for the whole or a part of their project.

About the Thesis

Apple’s release of ARKit in June at the annual WWDC was extraordinary. The ability to create a precise point cloud from a single camera and estimating the movements using the built in sensors makes the use of visual markers obsolete. Two months later Google released a similar product called ARCore with similar capabilities but for Android. Handheld AR is now available to millions of smartphones without the previous hassle of visual markers. ARKit and ARCore offers a way to augment the reality with virtual content as an overlay on the camera feed.

For a system to be called AR it should register objects in 3D. In ARKit the virtual objects are positioned in 3D. However when using ARKit or ARCore and a physical object appears between the viewer and the virtual object, the object is often rendered on top or in front of the physical object. This thesis is about investigating how to make a system aware of an object placed between the viewer and the virtual object and how to render that accordingly. This problem is illustrated by the images below, where a character is placed on the floor and when moved around a corner it renders on top of the physical environment. Succeeding with this we would be able to create more immersive AR applications with a more correct visual appearance.


Unity C# (or other compatible game engine/ language)
3D graphics
Linear Algebra
Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

ARKit or ARCore compatible device


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