Hyper-local Context from a Camera Stream


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About Advrty

Advrty is developing a revolutionary brand advertising platform for Virtual and Mixed Realities. Our unique method to define, deliver, experience and measure ads in these new realities has the potential to globally disrupt traditional media ad spend and will play a crucial part in the monetization of games and apps in these new digital experiences.

At Advrty you get an opportunity to work in a startup environment with an experienced team focused on the technologies and digital behaviors of tomorrow. Doing a master thesis together with us is possible both at our office and remotely. We are located at Embassy, a VR-focused business hub in the very heart of Stockholm city. Projects requiring specific hardware are suitable for students with opportunity to join us at the office for the whole or a part of their project

About the Thesis

To understand the hyper-local context a user is present in, using the camera of a mobile phone, makes it possible to tailor the interaction possibilities and content offerings to that user at any given time. In this thesis the goal is to understand what kind of a room a person is located in from analyzing a single mobile camera stream. Using image recognition and AI to categorize the surroundings.

The project has two parts where the first is to recognize objects at a low level and the second to make sense of the recognized objects to contextualize the current environment. The categories are up to you to define, however some suggestions could be Living room, Office, Bedroom etc.


Computer Vision

Linear Algebra

Artificial Intelligence

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