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About Coboom

Coboom is an initiative by Stena, CGI and Volvo Cars, aimed at creating a new hub for student-industry collaborations in Gothenburg. We believe that students and companies need to interact and work together more and that this will generate a range of benefits for everyone involved. By creating a joint platform for collaboration, we make it easier both for students and the companies to meet and engage in projects.

Imagine writing a thesis for three major companies instead of just one! By doing your thesis through Coboom you will connect with managers and experts in all three partner companies, gaining amplified research and networking opportunities. Furthermore, through this joint initiative we have the capability to run several thesis projects in parallel, which creates an additional opportunity for knowledge exchange between student groups.

About the Thesis

New technologies are rapidly emerging and offer promising opportunities that will change the way we live and the way companies do business. Among these we are currently focusing on:

  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • VR/AR

An issue that businesses are facing is that the capabilities of these technologies may be known, but the impact and application is less obvious. Companies are still trying to understand how to adopt these technologies to benefit their operations and/or create new business opportunities.

We believe students share a good understanding of emerging technological and societal developments, so we think you can come up with interesting ideas to explore! We are interested in engaging with ambitious students interested in emerging technology and business.

Send us a one-pager about your ideas on a project, and possible solutions that can create value for our three partner companies, related to the listed technologies.

The Master's Theses can be conducted remotely, or on location depending on the research focus.
Period: Spring term 2018, starting January.

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