Subject proposals for Thesis – Process Digitalization, theory and implementation

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At Fujitsu, our unique approach to innovation is centered on people. We are a global ICT company that works with customers on every continent, in every industry. Together, we are empowering people to build a better, more connected society.
We call it Human Centric Innovation. Globally, Fujitsu has approximately 170 000 employees. With a wide skill set, our activities revolves around our consultants helping our customers in various fields, for example Project Management, Lean/Management Consulting, Business Applications, System/Application  development etc. 

You will work closely with experienced, skilled consultants within relevant fields. We always aim to have an open and creative environment. We see the thesis as a partnership were we will provide adequate resources, training and coaching, and we gain a fresh outside perspective and valuable results from ambitious students. The goal is to have a fun, learning experience with good outcomes. Students can apply for Thesis projects continuously (spring/autumn). 

Subject proposals for Thesis – Process Digitalization, theory and implementation

Digitalization has been and continues to be a very hot topic. It will provide new opportunities for solving big challenges in healthcare, government, business, environment & sustainability and many other aspects. It also lowers the threshold for innovation which means that new groups can be engaged, as customers, patients, citizens etc. In that sense it delivers new opportunities for harvesting people’s creativity and problem solving skills in order to develop products and services for various challenges.

Digitalization opportunities can sometimes consist of many smaller processes which are not included in the larger IT systems of companies. Also, the seamless interaction of systems and processes can sometimes have a great opportunity for digitalization.

RunMyProcess is an award winning Fujitsu owned company based in France. It provides a unique cloud based platform as a service (PaaS) specialized in the rapid development, integration and deployment of process-based business applications. Fujitsu Sweden has started using RunMyProcess for digitalization internally and aim to also use it for enhanced customer value, together with other digitalization tools. 

The Master thesis:

  • The thesis proposal is for 1-2 students
  • Based on literature & theory, create a digitalization framework for review/assessment
  • Make a benchmark overview, and prediction for digitalization opportunities
  • Use RunMyProcess as a digitalization tool for processes and based on current RunMyProcess applications select processes that can be digitalized

Create applications for the chosen processes. The students will work together with consultants from Fujitsu to solve digitalization challenges

Preferred characteristics:             
Front end development (JavaScript/HTML/CSS capabilities), experience from CMS is a merit 


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Senior Consultant
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