Medicinal Chemistry Projects available at The Helleday Laboratories Stockholm

Karolinska Institutet



The Helleday lab is a multidisciplinary group based at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The group is composed of approximately 70 scientists with backgrounds in molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, molecular modelling, biochemistry, pharmacology (in vitro and in vivo) and clinical sciences.

We have a number of exciting projects to offer just now focused primarily on development of inhibitors of novel proteins involved in DNA repair and metabolism.

We work on highly novel targets so a significant biology effort is on identification and validation of these proteins as potential targets (eg shRNA knockdown, CRISPR and mechanistic studies). Typically we then screen to identify inhibitors using both fragment and HTS approaches. When possible we work closely with Pål Stenmark's crystallography group at Stockholm University to provide detailed structural information that can help to drive hit-series into lead optimization. The small molecules produced are used to further validate targets in vitro and in vivo. Ultimately we seek to develop compounds with optimized pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties to test in animal models and evaluate targets therapeutically. The group has recently taken a first-in-class small molecule into phase 1 clinical studies in man.

The medicinal chemistry group consists of ca 12 medicinal chemists and a molecular modeler. Around half of the team have significant ex-industry experience. There is a very international mix and the working language is English. The scientific level here is truly excellent and this would be a great opportunity to learn from some extremely talented medicinal chemists who are focused on developing tomorrow’s oncology targets.

Lastly, the lab facilities are outstanding. The chemistry group is equipped with....
• 2 x Prep HPLC's (Gilson)
• 2 x MPLC's (ISCO and Biotage)
• 1 x Preparative SCF LC (Agilent)
• 3 x LCMS (Finnegan and Agilent)
• 2 x Parallel evaporators (Genovac)
• 1 x Microwave reactor (Biotage)
• 1 x NMR (Bruker 500 MHz)
• A chemical stores comprising more than 10,000 reagents and building blocks (ex Pharmacia)
• HTS and Fragment screening libraries (ca 500,000 cmpds)

Interested students should contact Martin Scobie (team leader medicinal chemistry)

Please also see our homepage at


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